Advanced Services

Engine Rebuild or Repair: Timing Belt Replacement, Cylinder Heads, Rod & Main Bearings, Pistons, Variable Cam Timing, Cooling System, Fuel Injection, Gas and Diesel, Etc…

Transmission Rebuild or Repair: Hines Service can Rebuild or Repair most Major Manufactures Automatic Transmissions. External Repair as well such as Flushing, Shift Solenoids, Module Reprogramming, Torque Converter, Differentials & Clutch’s.

Diagnostics: Factory Program Updates, Scan Tools, Electrical, CAN Bus Network, Running Problems, Driveability, Lab Scope, and more!

Welding Service: Limited welding services are available. We have a MIG welder and Oxy/Acet which allows us to weld exhaust, minor frame and body, cut up to 3/4″, braze, solder, silver solder, and stainless welding.

A/C Repair: Hines Service Center specializes in A/C Repair. We are a community leader in recharge services, compressor replacement, condensers, evaporators, and we even manufacture A/C Hose and Fittings.

Towing: Hines Service Center owns and operates two wreckers under the business name “HEART of Arkansas Roadside Auto Care”. HEART stands for Hines Emergency Automotive Roadside Towing and also describes our geographical operating area as Central Arkansas. You wont find all these services including towing at any other shop and that includes Dealerships.


714 Harkrider St
Conway, AR 72032